June 11, 2015

Two developments to report to you:

Frist, SB 327, the exemptions/garnishment bill that we fought so hard for was just signed by the Governor this afternoon. I want to take this opportunity to thank John and Tami Teague for the great job that they did in seeing this bill through passage in the 11th hour in the Senate, with our amendment on it. This amendment will have far reaching effect if it is successfully used to reverse the decision of the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals in Pruett. I thought the bill was dead (and reported it to some as such) one week ago. But, because of John’s extraordinary efforts, he was able to get it brought up for consideration by the full Senate in the midst of the battle over the Budget. And, now the Governor has signed.

The result is that we have increased personal property and homestead exemptions in Alabama together with a clearly stated “intent of the Legislature” that wages, salaries and bonuses are not personal property for the purposes of Alabama law and the Alabama Constitution. This law is in effect now.

Also, the Small Claims Court jurisdictional amount increase to $6000 was passed and signed by the Governor. This new law is Act No. 2015-224. It becomes effective on August 1, 2015. Some of our members took the lead on getting this bill shepherded through the Legislature. .

When we are in Point Clear, be sure to thank all of the people who work so hard for us in and on Montgomery matters—our friends in the Legislature, our members and our government affairs experts!


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